One of the first decisions you will make regarding the faith of your child is whether or not to have them baptised (some people call this a Christening). This is a decision only you as parents can make. Some people like to have their child baptised within weeks of the birth, others like to wait and allow their child to make the decision for themselves later in life. Before you can make that decision you need some basic knowledge about what baptism is and why it is important to the Christian faith.
What does Baptism in the Church mean?
Baptism is a sacrament.  A sacrament is an outward action that provides a visible sign of the impartation of the blessing of being welcomed into the family of God.
For Anglicans, baptism has always been an integral part of the faith journey.
Historically, a baby would be baptised as soon as he or she was born.
Baptism is very important in the New Testament. John – the cousin of Jesus and the man appointed by God to prepare the way of the Lord, is known as John the Baptist because his ministry was to preach and to baptise to those believed. His most important act was to baptise Jesus.
Baptism can occur at any stage in life. The Baptism of your baby or young child is a wonderful symbol of your commitment to bringing your child up to know and love God in the church. It formally welcomes your child as a member into the family of the church.
There is a lovely description of the Baptism of Jesus in Luke 3:21-22
“When all the people were being baptised, Jesus was baptised too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”
In a similar way God welcomes your child into his family and imparts the blessing of his Holy Spirit.


Marriage was created by God, and is one of the most wonderful of all human relationships.  I take seriously your request to be married and trust that you wish to establish your marriage on the Christian values of unconditional love, equality, respect, honesty and life-long commitment.

All marriages have their ‘ups and downs’ and there are many myths associated with marriage.   As part of our preparing for your wedding you will  undertake some form of marriage preparation.  Many people want to get married in one of our four churches.  However, sometimes these days couples wish to have their service in another location, for example, a garden or a vineyard. If you are thinking of using a different venue, please discuss this with the vicar.  It is a legal requirement to have an alternative indoor venue in case of rain.


Funeral services are available on request. This service is not restricted to members of the church. Funerals may be conducted in one of the churches, in a private facility or at a Funeral Director’s premises.

If you would like to arrange or discuss a funeral, please contact the Vicar.