From The Vicar August 2021

Looking at the garden throughout the colder months, there is the sleepy stillness of winter,
a kind of hibernation. There are some plants which produce and flower at this time of
year, but generally it seems to be a time when all the energy in the vegetative world
retreats to some inner zone – and it waits. Oh how it is a wonderfully elegant way to deal
with the freezing nights, the cold days and the watery weak sunlight. People don’t
hibernate, but how often do we wish that we could! Although I think there is a part of us
which waits along with our plants, trees and gardens; we are waiting too for the signs that
the coiled-up energy is waking up.
I was wandering past my roses the other day and to my surprise I noticed lots of new
shoots popping up. With a tinge of excitement I decided to get some pruning done. With
some paring back of the unnecessary stem growth, creating space for airflow in the centre,
and a little re-shaping, the roses will be all ready for springing back into full bloom. In the
act of helping the roses to be at their best this summer, I wonder how I can be at my best
In a sense maybe there is a certain amount of pruning and re-shaping which I too need in
my life. If so, then how do I go about it? How, do we as caring people and as Christians go
about it? Firstly, we can endeavour to look honestly at which of our habits are working
well, and which need pruning. Which areas of our life could we give more space for airflow or sunlight? Who could help us with difficult decisions and challenges?

Wishing you every success in pruning, and in having a blooming summer, Sandy