Our parish story…

This begins when Tamihana Te Rauparaha, missionary to the South Island, made contact with the Maori people in this area. Bishop Selwyn sent Henry Fletcher in 1851 to work with the Maori in Kaiapoi. At the same time European settlers began to arrive and by 1853 the first Vicar, the Revd. John Raven, was appointed.

In 1855 St Bartholomew's (Kaiapoi), the oldest wooden church in the Diocese of Christchurch, was built in Damley Square. In 1860 the church was moved to its present site in Cass Street, after its foundations on a sand dune in Darnley Square gave way.

The Parish also has three other churches: St Augustine's at Island Road, Clarkville, built in 1860; St Thomas' at South Eyre Road, Eyreton, built in 1873; St Alban's at Mill Road, Ohoka, built in the 1880s.

Each is unique and all have historical associations in their districts. To arrange to look at any of these churches, please contact the Vicar on (03) 327 7084.

The Kaiapoi Anglican Church community is privileged to be associated with the development of the settlement of Kaiapoi. We have celebrated many events in the town and district over the last 150 years. We warmly welcome you to be part of our community as we explore our faith joumeys together.