About Our Parish

We warmly welcome you to the Anglican Parish  of  Kaiapoi.  We are part of a group of Anglican churches that include  Kaiapoi, Eyreton, Ohoka and Clarkville.

We seek to be followers of Christ who are fully committed to God, to each other and to the community that we live in and serve.

We believe that people matter to God and they matter to us.

God bridged the massive chasm between his unblemished goodness and our imperfect, faulty humanity through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

Luke 19:10 tells us, “The Son of Man [Jesus] came to seek and to save the lost.” We humbly recognize that we are among those Christ seeks and saves.

We believe the scriptures are inspired by God and the practical yet well researched teaching in our churches reflects our belief that they are the full and final authority on all matters of faith and practice.

We offer a variety of worship options ranging from traditional Anglican,  to interactive Family services.  We also have monthly  evening services in the beautiful historic setting of St Augustine’s, Clarkville.

We hope that you will find a warm spiritual home among us.



Rev Sandy Constable



Darryl Thompson (Vicar’s Warden & Synod Rep)

Heather Driessen (People’s Warden)

Margaret Cooke (Synod Rep & Mission Motivator)

Gina Butterfield (Youth)

Heather Chew (Property Group Contact)

Elaine Clark (Finance committee)

Christine Scott (Country Churches contact)

Julie Van Meer

Linda Sanders (Treasurer)

The vestry members of the Parish of Kaiapoi are involved with various areas within the Parish. If Parishioners would like to chat with vestry members about any particular part of the parish please do not hesitate to do so.